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Introducing Contour Education Services

CES is a service company which sources and procures extended-curricular provision on behalf of schools. Its role is to Increase the capacity of primary and secondary schools to enhance student’s leadership skills and employability through inclusive and cost-neutral programmes of activities outside the syllabus.

Contour Education Services works within and as a part of a school  or academy leadership group to assist with providing a programme of extended-curricular activities that meet with stated objectives and key indicators of performance linked to the school or acacemy improvement plan. CES experienced staff not only increase provision but will also add capacity to deliver a broad range of learning outside the classroom experiences. CES have an extensive network of vetted suppliers linked to a range of activities that can be made available, affordable and accessible for all dschools in Nottingham, Birmingham and Essex whilst continuously expanding nationwide.
Tel: 01926 678490
Twitter: @contour_schools

Our Location

Located In Warwick

Contour Education Services Ltd
Unit 8a
Hatton Technology Park
CV35 8XB

Our Partners

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Challenge Partners
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Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
Educational Personnel Management
Association for Character Education