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Throughout the CMAT Academies young people will be encouraged to focus on character development and virtues alongside academic development. High performing academic outcomes feature alongside highly motivated citizens with understanding of moral and social values and with the ability to act on them.

The Challenger Diploma is comprised of a bespoke programme for each young person focussed on their own development and in a way that reflects their passions and interests while ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills, attributes and understanding to see how they fit into society and can be instrumental in its security and positive legacy.

All young people will achieve regular awards within the Challenger Diploma, whatever age they are at, through practicing and demonstrating character attributes. This will be demonstrated through a series of focussed and planned experiences leading to the evidence of the development of key character attributes.

  • Young people will be encouraged to focus on items of community benefit where these are lacking within a particular team.
  • The Challenger Diploma seeks to inspire change rather than punish error.
  • Actions are focussed, working with a mentor, to engage with development.
  • The young people will be encouraged to stretch themselves and challenge where they have got to in each character virtue.


The diploma targets the development and accreditation of a small number of key attributes.  Children and young people, over time, undertake activities within a framework leading to accreditation.  These activities can be in or out of school, curricular or extra-curricular, but selected from an approved database to ensure rigour and consistency.

Levels and Awards

The diploma is delivered at four levels: novice, apprentice, graduate and master and with bronze, silver and gold awards in each category.  This means that students can maintain the diploma activities throughout their school careers and build a personal profile that can be used for applications to secondary schools as well as job and university applications.  The diploma also recognises and accredits qualifications taken outside of school time such as ABRSM music examination grades as well as many others in areas if sport, the arts and many other programmes.

Each Year group and tutor group, and individual, might focus on Resilience, Stamina and Tenacity over a specific time frame while another might focus on Volunteering, Team building and Compassion. Each programme will be developed for age appropriate development or contextual response to behaviours, aspirations and need.

The character virtues will be developed through a wide variety of personal and collective activities undertaken with the purpose of providing the opportunities to practice the virtues, experience the feeling and gain the personal and collective rewards through actions beyond their current experience.

We believe that through engaging in the Challenger Diploma, children and young people develop a desire to learn and a tendency to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as the path to mastery, learn from feedback and criticism and find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.  As a result they achieve ever-higher levels of achievement and excellence.