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Vision & Culture

Our academies will be places of educational excellence.  We want to do what is best for all of our pupils, teachers, staff and parents.  Our aim is to see them achieve their full potential within a framework of challenge and support with strong governance and teaching excellence.

Our vision is to build a collaborative partnership of schools that will provide outstanding educational provision both in and outside the classroom through challenge and promoting excellence.  We welcome pupils from all backgrounds and will work to provide them with a comprehensive range of learning opportunities that will be personalised for pupils and draw on the principles and practice of ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ (LOtC) and models of Engaging Schools’.  Our key foci are on progress and partnership.  School improvement is also based on school-to-school support developed through a model of collaborative autonomy.

It is through a clear leadership, service, creativity and high aspirations in our schools that we will inspire and embed core values in our young people, staff and communities.

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Martin Smout - Director
Martin Smout - Director

Some of my highlights

As the Chair of the Challenger Multi Academy Trust I am always impressed by the achievements of our young people across our academies. Here are a few of my highlights…

At Lancot School, our first CMAT academy Year 6 presented their excellent design work on their dream school at The Incuba Business Centre. Our Chief Executive Stephen Chamberlain was joined on the panel by Neil Wardell:Business Administrator for The Incuba and architect Colin Smart from Kyle Smart Associates Limited, Chartered Architects and Building Consultants.

All of the groups presented excellent projects and talked the judges through the footprint and plans for their schools, the vision and curriculum model and also presented a 3D representation of their work. Judges praised each group for the detailed thinking behind their designs and gave commendations for areas such as innovation, sustainability, eco-friendly design, marketing and a commitment to equalities. The overall winners were Team Hudson who combined innovative designs with a real flair for ensuring that the new design was a world class space for learning in the Twenty First Century. Colin has agreed to work up the winning design with his team of professionals and invite them to come and visit his partnership to see real architects at work on real designs.

CMAT are delighted to have been able to support Year 6 by arranging for both architects connected with the project to work with the children and we would like to congratulate all of Year 6 in presenting to such a high standard to the judges and each other.

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Frankie Johnson; he became the English schools champion for the junior boys pole vault at the ESAA Championships in Gateshead on the weekend of 11th and 12th July 2015.

This is his biggest accomplishment to date, he was a massive favourite for the title having recently broken the British record, but sometimes to be an outright favourite and still win is even harder. Frankie had a massive amount of pressure on his shoulders going in as favourite, and after waiting around for just over an hour as his rivals went out one by one, he entered the competition to clear and win with his first vault! He did raise the bar but tough conditions did not allow him to increase his own British record further!

Frankie really is a future star in the world of athletics, he is a credit to Hastingsbury Business & Enterprise College, CMAT and the Bedfordshire & Luton athletics team.





Our two Kempston Challenger Academies, Hastingsbury (HBEC) and Robert Bruce (RBMS) are now working together as upper and middle schools with a vision to create a single 11-19 Academy on one site over the next few years.

As part of this process, RBMS pupils spent the day at HBEC on one of the training days at the start of 2016 engaged in a wide range of exciting learning experiences taught by HBEC staff and students with support from RBMS colleagues.

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