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All our academies will work within our ethos and values using self-evaluation and review supported by a bespoke team of educational professional and partnerships to assure the governors and the Trust that each academy is operating effectively.

Our school improvement strategy has six key strands;

Effective Leadership and Governance

  • Outstanding principals and senior leadership teams
  • Distributed leadership models across the academy group
  • Focus on pedagogy and standards of achievement
  • Contributes to the leadership and capacity of The Challenger Trust
  • Quality leadership coaching and mentoring

High Quality Teaching and Learning

  • Outstanding teaching and learning- ‘Quality First Teaching’
  • Intensive continuous professional development and practice
  • Personalised according to need through links with teaching schools/Future Leaders and other providers of high quality CPD for Challenger teachers
  • High expectations and aspirations across the group
  • Assessment for learning-driving performance
  • Outcomes driven – learning outcomes across the curriculum

Supportive and Engaging Learning Environments

  • Attractive learning environments that promote engagement
  • Learning environments within and beyondthe classroom that challenge and inspire
  • Positive ethos and culture-high aspirations-excellent behaviour
  • Pupil/student voice and leadership programmes- a Learning Commission

Curriculum for the Future

  • Core learning skills, literacy, numeracy and communication
  • Broad ‘ engagement’ curriculum offer – personalised and motivational
  • Active learning opportunities through the arts, sport and adventure learning
  • Blended learning – maximising use of new technologies
  • Local & Global citizenship and understanding
  • High quality CEIAG
  • Pupil leadership – harnessing entrepreneurial talent-real world application

Community Engagement

Parental involvement-engaging parents as the primary carers in a partnership with the trust and our academies and schools

Community partners – sports and arts centres, outdoor education groups, businesses and social enterprises that can contribute to real world learning and promote engagement

Children’s Services and Multi-Agency teams to support young people to overcome barriers to learning

Local partnerships with teaching schools, learning providers: alternative and vocational courses, colleges and other schools.

The Challenger Diploma

The Challenger Diploma is an integral part of our improvement programme.  Each child or young person, in both primary and secondary phases will tackle the diploma through an individually tailored programme designed to suit their personal co-curricular interests, skills and developmental needs.  Throughout the programme, they will be encouraged to reflect on how their learning in one area of school life may help them in another unifying their co-curricular programme into a single coherent learning experience:

  • Personal Challenge
  • Volunteering, Community & Service Programme
  • Leadership Programme
  • Creativity and Skills Programme
  • Sports Programme
  • Trips and Events Programme
  • Academic Extension Programme
  • Work and Professional Skills Programme
  • Employability and Internship Programme

Professional Development

As part of our School Improvement Division and strategic partnerships, CMAT also delivers a range of accredited programmes to support leadership and teaching and learning:

Leadership Curriculum Programmes

  • NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship)
  • NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership)
  • NPQML (National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership)

Teaching and Learning

These programmes are accredited through OLEVI, The International Centre for Teaching and Leadership.

  • Improving Teacher Programme
  • Outstanding teacher Programme
  • Teaching and Learning Immersion Programme
  • Outstanding Facilitation Programme
  • Conceptualisation Programme
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP)
  • OTAP Train the Trainers
  • Outstanding Leadership in Education Programme